Sports Club at Bengaluru

Location: Bangalore
Status: Competition

The most distinctive feature of the land earmarked for the project is that it lies along a long line of green parks filled with tall, leafy trees – a ‘green axis’. This was its most unique feature and we decided to preserve the visual harmony of this continuous flow of green spaces on which the site lies the mainstay of the design.
Taking advantage of the natural slope, the difference in levels helped in tucking a part of the architecture below the road level, thus making the building’s presence minimal.
A number of pockets of the buildable mass were sliced out to create courtyards, increasing natural light to the interiors. The surrounding earth was mounded up to reduce the impact of the built structure and this combination of the courtyards and the mounding made the exterior appear more like a part of the green axis than as an obstruction to its flow.
A tennis court formed the focus of the built structure which also helped in shading most of the walls and part of the courtyards, reducing heat gain. All toilets, changing rooms, shower cubicles, and service cores were strung along the west facade of the building reducing the heat gain in the interior spaces.

Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan