House 328

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Lester Rozario

The project packs in two separate units on a small residential plot in Bangalore – a single-bedroom unit on the ground floor (to be rented out), and a three-bedroom family unit on the first and second floors.

The idea for the house design was to use the architectural language of the built form to isolate these two units from one another. The project was envisaged as a large cuboid lifted off the ground and propped up on stilts. A stark black spiral stair is the only connection between the upper unit and the ground plane.

The living, dining & kitchen are one continuous space owing to space limitations. Large slit windows taking full advantage of the north-facing frontage flood the space with warm glare-free daylight. An internal concrete wall becomes the tying element between the different levels of the house.

The service areas have been tucked to the southwest of the site to act as a heat buffer.

The interiors were designed with a minimalist approach with a hint of traditional elements.

The terrace space is a work-in-progress, experimental organic garden.